Ricoh IM 2702 Multifunctional Printer

  • Black and white laser multifunctional printer

  • Prints up to 27 pages per minute

  • Can print up to A3


Delivering a print, copy, scan and fax service in one, the Ricoh IM 2702 is the perfect match for your workplace in the Midlands! It’s a compact black and white multifunctional printer which can adapt seamlessly to your business needs. The Ricoh printer is compact so can sit on any desk or counter in your office.


The Ricoh printer has a 10.1” screen which allows you to create workflows and use document management apps or widgets, it also supports cloud integration. The Smart Operation Panel will make your working day simple. You can customise what shows on the screen, making it more efficient for your workplace in the Midlands. With the Ricoh printer, you can print, copy, scan or fax with one touch!


You and your employees will be able to print up to 27 pages per minute with the Ricoh printer. Print from A6 to A3. If needed, you can add extra paper trays to increase the paper storage, this will lower maintenance and make it easier to add paper to the printer when you run out. 


You can email or phone the support team at anytime, they will always be happy to help. Email or call the helpdesk if you ever have any issues with your Ricoh printer, we’ll be able fix it. Our team will be able to connect to your Ricoh printer remotely and will only go to your workplace if it is necessary.


Your Ricoh printer is also eco-friendly, it will be Energy Star certified! It has a low electricity consumption value, and you can track toner consumption to minimise reloads. Duplex printing allows you to reduce paper usage and the printer will go into sleep mode when it is idle. You can also program it to power down when the office is empty.