Ricoh IM 9000

  • A multifunctional printer which can print, copy, scan and fax (optional)

  • Can store up to 8700 pages

  • Prints up to 90 pages per minute


With the Ricoh IM 9000 multifunctional printers, you will be able to product high-volume and high-quality work. This printer has Ricoh Always Current Technology that will always keep your multifunctional printer updated and downloading the latest updates to meet document management demands. Whether you choose to print, copy or scan, you can do this with speed and precision with your Ricoh multifunctional printer!


Whether you need to print classroom materials, legal documents or office paperwork, the Ricoh IM 9000 multifunctional printer is for you! The printer can print up to 90 pages per minute with a high-resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. There are extra paper trays which can boost the amount of paper you store up to 8700 sheets. With a single pass document feeder you will be able to scan images at 240 images per minute! There are various options that allow you to scan or fax digitally, get in touch with our team to discuss these extra options for your multifunctional printer.


The multifunctional printer has the Ricoh smart device connector app which allows you and your employees to print remotely! You can share or print files directly to your phone or tablet.


There are a range of finishing options that you can add to your Ricoh multifunctional printer! There are automated finishers that can stack, staple, punch and organise any paperwork that you have just printed out. You can assign your work to go to a designated bin which will avoid mix-ups that may occur if you work in a shared space with the 9-Bin Mailbox.


To restrict the number of users that use the printer, you can set your multifunctional printer so only those with assigned passcodes or billing codes can use it. This will have improve device management and reporting capabilities. As well as this, the printer will be able to avoid OS-specific threats and encrypt data.