Ricoh IM C2000A

  • Prints 20 pages per minute

  • Can print up to A3 documents

  • You can scan double sided documents in a single pass to save time


Effortlessly processing information, this advanced multifunctional colour printer streamlines document processes. Double sided originals are scanned in a single pass, to save time, and all documents are printed in vibrant colour. With Ricoh’s Always Current Technology™, the multifunctional printer can adapt intelligently to changing business needs.


The Ricoh IM C2000A multifunctional printer packs colour print, copy and scan functionality as standard. To minimise energy consumption, the super-sized 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel lights up on approach, allowing users to quickly select applications and settings. You can customise the Smart Operational Panel on your multifunctional printer, with your company logo and then personalise it for each employee.

Our support team are based in the Midlands. If you ever have any issues with the multifunctional printer, our support team are here to help! To contact the helpdesk, all you need to do is email or phone and a member of our team will be able to fix the issue. We will be able to fix any problems remotely which can minimise downtime.

The multifunctional printer prints 20 pages per minute. The integral document feeder scans double sided originals in a single pass to save time. There are also a range of finishing options that you can add to your multifunctional printer, like a stapleless option or mutli-folding. Using the optional space saving inner finisher, document sets can even be stapled and punched ready for distribution.

All Ricoh multifunctional printers have added security features added in which will protect your business from any type of security risks. The printer will be able to secure access to data whilst ensuring that you can still carry on working as normal knowing that your data is safe. Whether you need to print, copy, scan or fax you can do this safely.