Ricoh IM C2011SP Multifunctional Printer

  • Multifunctional printer that prints in colour and black and white

  • Prints 20 pages per minute

  • Can print up to A3


The Ricoh MP C2011SP can make life in your office simple! The multifunctional printer is easy to use and has high productivity features that you and your employees can use confidently. Low energy means that the printer is economical to run and environmentally friendly. It has versatile features that allows the printer to produce full colour A3 documents with two paper draws.


To perform more tasks in less time, make sure you choose the Ricoh MP C2011SP! With the Auto Job Promotion feature on your multifunctional printer, you will be able to prioritise jobs that are already in the print queue and place them ahead of other jobs that may have been stopped due to errors or for other reasons.


The multifunctional printer has a screen on the printer which is fully customisable. The screen will allow you to create workflows and use document management apps efficiently. When customising the home screen, you can keep some widgets as one-touch access which helps your employees use the commonly used functions.


There are a range of sophisticated scanning features on the multifunctional printer, that includes scanning original documents into digital files and then send via email or any other locations. Without compromising image quality, you can compress the file sizes when doing full colour scans. There is also another feature on the multifunctional printer called Distributed Scan Management (DSM) which will allow you to automate many scanning functions that will create a set of rules to improve productivity.


Our range of Ricoh colour printers will always print high quality documents that have an outstanding colour option. The documents will have a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. You and your employees can scan and copy two-sided documents, like ID cards, on a single sheet of paper. You can feed envelopes from a second paper drawer with this multifunctional printer.