Ricoh MP 3055ASP

  • Black and white Ricoh printer

  • Prints up to 50 pages per minute

  • Multifunctional printer that can print, copy, scan and fax


The Ricoh MP 3055ASP printer can print, scan, copy and fax. Innovative technology that will help improve the way that you work. Combining fast scanning, advanced document feeding, hybrid sheet finishing and a variety of folding options, this all in one Ricoh printer does it all.


You can choose from a range of finishing options to add to your Ricoh printer. You can add a hybrid finisher which can provide a staple and stapleless function or a multi-folding finisher which can fold documents into a variety of styles. You can print up to 50 pages per minute and there are a range of finishing options.


Your Ricoh printer will have a 10.1” screen will make your workday more efficient. You can customise what shows on the home screen with the functions that you use the most, whilst retaining one-touch access to other commonly used functions. You can download more apps through the Ricoh Smart Applications which can enhance workflow and document sharing. 


Our support team, based in the Midlands, are always on hand to help! If you ever have any issues with your Ricoh printer, you can call or email the helpdesk and they will be able to solve any problems you may be facing. Our team will be able to connect to your printer remotely and will only go to your workplace if it is necessary.


The Ricoh printer has a low electricity consumption value and features an environmentally friendly feature such as the staple-less option which cuts down on metal usage. The printer turn on as soon as you interact with it so you will spend less time waiting for the machine to warm up. The Ricoh printer is not only efficient, but sustainable too!